About Us

A Vision And A Dream

Sharmbella was born into an artistically inclined family. On her mother's side were milliners and on her father's side a famous architectural influencer of design Gilbert (The Red) de Clare.

As a child Sharmbella was always inspired by a colourful palette of creativity and a deep affinity with all things concentric.

Caerphilly Castle, South Wales

Gilbert (The Red) de Clare was a powerful English nobleman of the 13th century and well-known for his concentric design of Caerphilly castle, a medieval fortification in Caerphilly, South Wales.

The castle is famous for its magnificent water defences and large gatehouses.  The castle was constructed in a three-year period at breakneck speed in his campaign to conquer Glamorgan.   Caerphilly commands around 30 acres and is the largest castle in Wales and the second largest in Britain.  Gilbert de Clare's concentric design of a moat within a moat and a castle within a castle led the way for future castle architecture. The magnitude of his fortification was invincible, as it withstood all attack in its time. The grandeur and scale of Caerphilly castle was not prevalent until one was close-up at the gatehouse...for Gilbert de Clare cleverly designed his fortification within a dip in a plain.   

Sharmbella brings concentric designs of her forebearers into the 21st century

Today, Sharmbella brings the same concentric design of her forebearers into the 21st century fashion field with her registered and certified exclusive design of the Sharmbella® Wearable Wall Art™

Like the great Caerphilly castle, the Sharmbella® is of concentric design, resembling its large round gatehouses, and sharing a dip within its plain.   The scale of the Sharmbella® is only truly apparent once donned.

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